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Advanced IELTS Academic Live One-on-One Training

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic is a leading computer-based English language proficiency test designed for non-native English speakers aiming to study abroad or immigrate. Recognized globally by universities, colleges, and governments, PTE Academic assesses the real-life English skills you will need at university and living abroad. Unlike other English tests, PTE Academic is known for its objective scoring and fast results, providing a detailed snapshot of your language ability in an environment that mimics the real-life challenges of living and studying in an English-speaking country.

Understanding PTE Academic Modules

The PTE Academic exam is designed to assess the English language proficiency of non-native English speakers in an academic setting. It is a computer-based exam that evaluates a candidate's abilities across four modules: Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening. Each module comprises several question types that test different aspects of language proficiency. Here’s a breakdown of the modules and the specific questions within each:


Speaking & Writing (77 – 93 minutes)

This combined module assesses your ability to produce spoken and written English in an academic environment.

  • Personal Introduction: You will record a short introduction of yourself. This part is not scored but can be sent alongside your score report to institutions.

  • Read Aloud: You will read a text aloud, demonstrating your pronunciation and fluency.

  • Repeat Sentence: After listening to a recording, you repeat the sentence exactly as you heard it.

  • Describe Image: You will describe an image into the microphone, testing your ability to analyze and describe visual information.

  • Re-tell Lecture: After listening to or watching a lecture, you'll have to summarize the information presented.

  • Answer Short Question: You answer a question based on your general knowledge in a few words.

  • Summarize Written Text: Read a text and summarize it in one sentence, demonstrating your reading and writing skills.

  • Essay (20mins): Write a 200–300 word essay on a given topic, showcasing your ability to construct a coherent argument.


Reading (32 – 41 minutes)

This module tests your ability to understand written English, featuring several types of tasks that assess different reading skills.

  • Multiple-choice, Choose Single Answer: Read a passage and choose the correct answer from several options.

  • Multiple-choice, Choose Multiple Answers: Select more than one correct answer from several options after reading a text.

  • Re-order Paragraphs: Rearrange paragraphs into their correct order after reading a text.

  • Reading: Fill in the Blanks: Fill in the blanks in a passage from a dropdown list.

  • Reading & Writing: Fill in the Blanks: A text with blanks is provided, and you need to select the correct words from a list.


Listening (45 – 57 minutes)

The listening module evaluates your ability to understand spoken English, featuring a variety of accents and academic lectures.

  • Summarize Spoken Text: Listen to a recording and write a summary.

  • Multiple-choice, Choose Multiple Answers: Choose more than one correct answer from several options after listening to a recording.

  • Fill in the Blanks: Fill in the blanks in a transcript as you listen to a recording.

  • Highlight Correct Summary: Select the correct summary of a recording from several options.

  • Multiple-choice, Choose Single Answer: After listening to a recording, choose the correct answer from several options.

  • Select Missing Word: Identify the missing word at the end of a recording.

  • Highlight Incorrect Words: Highlight the words that differ in a transcript from what is said in a recording.

  • Write from Dictation: Type the sentence exactly as you hear it in a recording.

Each module and question type in the PTE Academic is designed to closely simulate real-life English academic settings, ensuring that the scores accurately reflect the test taker's ability to communicate effectively in English-speaking academic environments.

Understanding PTE Academic Modules

Why you should join?

Our course is meticulously designed to prepare you thoroughly for the PTE Academic exam, offering a blend of comprehensive practice and personalized guidance to ensure you achieve your desired score.

  • Course Duration: Our course offers unparalleled flexibility, providing continuous feedback until you have taken all mock tests. There is no set duration; our support extends until you feel fully prepared.

  • Number of Tests: Gain access to 150 practice tests, including 70 mock tests, 60 section tests, 20 question-wise tests, and over 4000 practice questions, designed to cover every aspect of the PTE Academic exam.

  • Portal Accuracy: With a scoring accuracy of +/- 2, our platform offers a realistic assessment of your readiness for the actual exam, helping you decide the right time to take it.

  • Fee: Enroll in our comprehensive course for $250/ ₹20000 , a valuable investment in your academic and professional future.

  • Class Format: Benefit from live, one-on-one sessions with our expert instructors, ensuring personalized guidance tailored to your unique learning needs.

  • Demo: We encourage you to take advantage of 7 demo classes before enrollment. Simply contact us with your preferred dates and times to begin.

  • Mode: Our course is delivered through one-on-one online live sessions, offering a personalized learning experience from the comfort of your home.

Teaching Methodology

Step 1- Training and Practice Sessions- Here a student learns and practice different questions

Step 2- Question wise Tests- After  practicing, students are asked to take question-wise tests 

Step 3- Section-wise Tests- If a student performs well in the question-wise tests, then he/she starts section wise tests. Bases on a student's target score, he/she is given taget in sections. If students do well in sections, then they are asked to take mock tests

Step 4- Mock Tests- Students take 10-15 mock on one portal, and if they score well, then they are asked to take mock on the main portal the one with accuracy of +/- 2)

Step 5- If the average in the main portal is around the target , then they are asked to book the exam., and  If the average is below their target, they are asked to repeat the whole process again keeping their weak areas in mind.

 Students get feedback on their tsts everyday and usually they are suggested to take 2-3 mock tests everyday till they take thier mainexam.

How to start?

  1. Ping us on whatsapp +91 7889565477 to schedule the demo classes

  2. Take demo classes and then decide whether to enrol or not

  3. If you don't like teaching style or feel like, training wont be hlpful, then you can call it off. No questions are asked, but If you decide to continue the the classes, then you need to pay the fees.

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