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Learn how to use SketchUp for Interior Designing. How to make 3D model of your home from rough measurements or from CAD drawings.  How to apply materials and textures, place furniture and do basic animation. Courses is divided into Two Sections. First section focuses on software and second on creating interior components. 

Section 1- SketchUp

This section teaches SketchUp from the very basic level. All the commands required to create a model and then organize it are covered. 3D modeling commands such as push-pull and follow me are covered with examples. Basically this course will make you skilled in sketchup software so that you are able do work on civil, architectural, interior or mechanical drawings. 

  • Interface

    • Introduction to Interface

    • Selecting and Changing Templates

    • Assigning shortcuts to Commands

    • Components Download

    • Basic Commands

      • Hide / Unhide

      • Orbit / Pan / Rotate

      • Zoom Extent/ Zoom Window / Zoom to Photo

      • Parallel Projection / 2 Point Perspective/ Prospective

      • Eraser / Paint Bucket / Protector / Dimension / 3D Text

    • Visual Styles

      • Edge Style

      • Face Style

    • Camera Settings

      • Position Camera

      • Walk

      •  Look Around

    • Move, Rotation and Scaling

    • Tape Measure

      • As Guide Creation

      • As Measurement Tool

      • As Scaling an Image

    • Shadows and Fog

    • Section Planes and How to use them

    • Axes

      • Turn On/Off

      • Create New Axes

  • Drawing in 2D

    • Lines

    • Arcs

    • Shapes (Circe, Rectangle, Polygon, Rotated Rectangle)

  • 3D Modeling

    • Push/Pull

    • Loft

      • As Sweep

      • As Revolve

  • Other

    • Move, Rotate, Scale and Offset

    • Rectangular and Polar Array

    • Weld

    • Fillet & Chamfer

    • Bezier Curves

  • Materials

    • Applying Materials

    • Creating and Editing Materials

    • Exporting Materials

    • Importing Materials from Other Scenes

    • Loading Materials into Scene

  • Advance Commands

    • Sandbox

      • Creating Sandbox (From Contours / From Scratch)

      • Editing Sandbox

    • Extrude Along Path

    • Revolve Surfaces

    • Curviloft

    • Simple Loft

  • Advance Camera Tools

  • Styles

    • Applying Styles and Editing them

  • Animation

    • Creating Animation​

  • Import and Export 

    • Import as Image/Texture 

    • Export as Image and Video

  • Creating 3D model from Existing Photographs

Section 2- Modeling Interior Components

This  section teaches you how to proceed from 2d drawing or from rough measurements to 3D model. Then you will practicing  on the all the architectural and interior components and after that you will modeling a whole scene (Kitchen / Bed Room / Living Room)

  • Floor Plan

    • Creating Floor Plan

    • Converting Floor plan to 3D model

  • Walls

  • Doors and Windows

  • Roof -Plain​, Gable, Sloped, Mansard

  • Creating Interior Components

    • Furniture- Chair, Table, Cabinets, Bed

    • Lighting

      • Creating Lighting Components ​

      • Placing Lighting Components

    • Plumbing 

      • Downloading and Placing Components​

  • Ceiling

  • Curtains

  • Practice on one of the scenes (Living, Bedroom, Dining, Kitchen). 
  • Creating 3D model from Existing Photographs

Section 3- Advance SketchUp Modeling with Dynamic Components

We will be starting this sections by learning how to move and rotate objects. We will make simple dynamic furniture and learn how to slide or open doors of a drawer. Then we will focus on windows and doors. How to animate Windows and doors? How to close and open doors and window? How to scale them in such a way that they do not get distort? Materials and Pricing pay an important in interior designing so we will focus on these two also. How to change material of a component by just clicking on it? How to show price to a customer? How to flash a message on screen? We will even learn how to change material and show different price (dynamic pricing) and in end we will learn simple behavior and formulas such as Hidden and Randbetween.

Course Outline

  • Course Fee: Rs 8000/-
  • Mode: Online One-to-One
  • Duration: 30 Hours

How to Register?

Step 1:   Register for  Demo Classes. We will provide  4 classes for free. 

Step 2 : Check your mail and join the group where Classes are going to be conducted.

Step 3: Watch Free Classes for 4 days

Step 4: Pay the Fee (if you are satisfied with the demo classes)

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