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My Name is Amardeep Singh and I created this platform so that students and professionals have better understanding of  Design (whether Product Design or Interior Design)  before proceeding further for their studies or before leaving  their regular jobs and starting interior design business.

The idea of providing training triggered in my mind when I started my first job as design engineer and realized my drawing reading and CAD Skills are not enough to work without the assistance of seniors. Same was the scenario for some other fresh graduates.  

Then I had something similar experience while pursuing Masters. I realized I should have learned sketching, software such as 3DS Max, Vray, Adobe Photoshop and Surface Modeling before enrolling for Master’s Program. Although the teaching methodology and curriculum was very good but still I feel I would have done better, had I developed these skills before starting Masters.

So after working for 2 years as designer, I decided to quit and moved to Bangalore, India and started conducting seminars on Product Design in and around city. And after few months of creating awareness on Product Design, Fourth Master Designs was registered as Engineering Design and Training Firm in 2014.

The training, students were getting at other platforms or at other Centers were not design oriented at all.  It was more focused on teaching CAD software.  My focus was to teach design so that they do something real after the training. I made students to think of simple but innovative products and then prototyped and in some cases manufactured their product also. The whole activity was success as students got experience of overall design and development activity which helped them in getting job as designers and those who wanted to do something at commercial level, started manufacturing and selling their own products in market. It was a great feeling to help students in getting job as designers.

This became the credo for Fourth Master Designs that every student be taught first, then he designs a new and innovative product and then get involved in the development process so that he has exposure to overall design process.

I then decided to create this website and reach out the whole world. I now work as a fulltime online trainer and teach from my hometown in India.

Originally created to host only Product design course but as you can see it has now grown significantly and now it offers live training on other subjects too such as Forging Manufacturing Process, Interior Designing  with Sketch Up, Sketching Everyday Objects, Basics of Materials, Basics of Manufacturing Process and  we are in the process of launching few more courses.

Although content for most courses is prepared by me, but in some courses other authors have also contributed.

If you would like more information, please join my mailing list and I’ll let you know when any online course starts or we are about to launch any new course.


Should you have any queries, feel free to reach me via contact page

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