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Product Design and Development

This course gives  the overview of product design, skills required to be a designer and how to take an idea from concept to market stage. What are the steps involved in the development of the product?  We will also brief you about job market? What you should learn or what you should do to get job in industry? How you can prepare a simple portfolio?

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Course Outline

Course Fee: ₹ 521

Course Start Date:  You can start anytime. It is fully online

Course Duration

Mode: Online . You can watch anytime anywhere

Access: Life time Access: You can watch class at any time.

Course Pre-requisite: No. pre-requisite for this course. 

Who can join: Mechanical Engineers, Product designers, Industrial and anyone who has interest in learning manufacturing process

  1. Introduction to the Course

  2. About Product Design and Development

  3. Skills required for Product Design 

  4. Overview of Design and Development Process

  5. Advantages and Disadvantages

How to Register?
  • For Credit Card/ Debit Card / Net Banking : Click here

  • You can also pay us through  Gpay or PhonePe and get Rs 21 discount. Ping us on whatsapp +91 7889565477 for more details.

  • We will provide you the access within 2 hours.However if you register after 7 pm then  you will get access by next morning

Terms and Conditions
  • No Fee refund.

  • You are not allowed to

    • Use Videos and Training Material  for commercial purposes.​

    • Include Videos and Training Material in any online or offline archive, database, website, presentation template, application or as part of your project.

    • Sub-License, Resell or Rent the Videos and Training Material.

    • Modify the training material and videos.

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