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Enrol for Online Creo training in just INR 521 /- and learn creo right from the very basic level to a professional level. Curriculum includes Part Modeling, Surface Modeling, Fexible Modeling, Free Form Surface Modeling, Sheet Metal Modeling, Assembly and Drafting.  Please refer the below curriculum

Part Modeling

  1. Introduction to Creo

  2. Selecting & Editing of Geometry, Features, Models

  3. Creating Sketcher Geometry & Using Sketcher Tools

  4. Using Sketches & Datum Features

  5. Creating Extrudes & Revolves

  6. Creating Holes, Shells, Draft & Patterns

  7. Creating Rounds, Chamfers & Using Layers

  8. Advanced Selection, Creating Sweeps and Blends

  9. Sweeps with Variable Sections

  10. Helical Sweeps & Swept Blends

  11. Relations, Parameters & Family Tables

  12. Groups, Copy, Mirror & UDF's

  13. Measuring, Inspecting Models & Seeking Help

  14. Capturing, Managing Design Intent & Resolving Failures

Flexible Modeling

  1. Understanding the flexible Modeling Process

  2. Selection Filter

  3. Applying Shape Selection and Boss Selections

  4. Using Flexible Mirror, Edit Round, Flexible Attach and Flexible Move using Dragger

  5. Working with Pattern Recognition


Surface Modeling

  1. Creating Datum Features (Point, Lines and  Planes)

  2. Creating Surface Extrude Features

  3. Creating Surface Revolve Features

  4. Creating Fill Surfaces

  5. Creating Boundary Blends in One and Two Direction

  6. Extending Surfaces

  7. Creating a Surface Trim

  8. Trimming Surfaces with Geometry and  Quilts

  9. Copying and Pasting Surfaces

  10. Offsetting Surfaces

  11. Moving, Mirroring and Rotating Quilts

  12. Merging Surfaces

  13. Thickening Surface Quilts

  14. Solidifying Quilts to Add  and Remove Material



Freeform Surface Modeling

  1. Creating Initial Freeform Curves

  2. Creating Basic Style Curves

  3. Editing Curves

  4. Analyzing Curves

  5. Developing Freeform Surface Models

  6. Understanding Style Surfaces

  7. Creating Boundary Surfaces

  8. Creating Loft Surfaces

  9. Creating N-Sided Surfaces

Sheet Metal Modeling

  1. Creating Planar Walls

  2. Extruded Sheetmetal Wall

  3. Revolved Sheetmetal Wall

  4. Creating Secondary Flat Walls

  5. Using Flange  and Extruded Walls

  6. Providing Relief

  7. Creating Bend Features

  8. Adding Transition to Bends

  9. Creating Unbend and  Bend Back Features

  10. Creating Flat States

  11. Sheetmetal Cuts

  12. Die Form Features

  13. Punch Form Features

  14. Creating Rip Features



  1. Creating Drawings Using Formats and Sheets

  2. Configuring Drawing Models

  3. Adding General and Projection Views

  4. Editing Drawing Views and Visible View Area

  5. Adding Detailed Views, 2-D Cross-Section and Assembly Exploded Views

  6. Showing, Erasing, and Deleting Annotations

  7. Adjusting Dimensions and Detail Items

  8. Changing Dimension Display

  9. Applying Geometric Tolerances

  10. Adding and Editing Notes

  11. Using Surface Finish Symbols

  12. Inserting Tables

  13. Creating Report Tables

  14. Creating BOM Balloons

  15. Using Layers in Drawings

  16. Configuring the Drawing Environment

Course Outline
  • Mode : Online - On-demand. You can learn  anytime anywhere

  • Course Fee: Rs 500/-

  • Life Time access to the class videos

Terms and Conditions
  • No Fee refund.

  • You are not allowed to

    • Use Videos and Training Material  for commercial purposes.​

    • Include Videos and Training Material in any online or offline archive, database, website, presentation template, application or as part of your project.

    • Sub-License, Resell or Rent the Videos and Training Material.

    • Modify the training material and videos.

Enrol for Course

Step 1 :  Click on the below to pay the fee 
Pay us through GPay or Phone Pe and get Rs 21 discount. Ping us on whatsapp +91 7889565477 for more details
Step 2 : Wait for us to enrol you in the course. This is usually done within 2 hours
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