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Opinion Essay Template


Some people believe  that _______________. However, others hold opposite view and say that_________________. In recent years, there has been  considerable debate regarding the benefits as well as drawbacks of  both viewpoints. I agree with the former or latter view. This essay will discuss the reasons for supporting the former or latter view with relevant examples in the forthcoming paragraphs, followed by a reasoned conclusion.

Main Body Paragrph 1

There are numerous arguments in support of my position. The first main benefit is ___________. ________________________ (explain the benefit on  2 sentences). As a result of this, people/ society as a whole also gets benefited. Thus, it is understandable why so many individuals support the former/ latter viewpoint.

Main Body Paragraph 2

In addition to the first benefit, those who subscribe to the former  viewpoint also say that __________ (discuss the second benefit). __________________________________ (Explanation).  These  rewards have been experienced by many people in the world, so we cannot ignore its benefits, and that is the main reason why individuals like me also support it.


To conclude, after analysing the benefits discussed above, such as______ and _____, one can say that the benefits of _______  are too significant to be overlooked

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Re-tell Lecture Template

  1. Speak for at least 35 + seconds

  2. Try to make a note of at least 12-15 keywords and include as much as you can in 40 seconds

  3. Do not  take pause at all

  4. If you can draft sentence based on the keywords, then you do not need template, otherwise refere below templates. Just make sure that there is no hesitation.

  5. To score 5 in content, you must discuss all the important points.



  1. First Sentence: The lecture was about (topic name), in which the lecturer discussed its significance for society or The lecture was about (topic name), in which the lecturer discussed its significance for the environment or The lecture was about (topic name), in which the lecturer discussed its significance for society.

  2. Second Sentence: Firstly, she/he talked about (keywords 1), (keyword 2), and (keyword 3).

  3. Third Sentence: Secondly, he/she discussed (keywords 4), (keyword 5), and (keyword 6).

  4. Fourth Sentence: Furthermore, the speaker mentioned about (keywords 7 and keyword 8)

  5. Fifth Sentence: Finally, the lecturer laid emphasis on (keyword 9)
    At this point, you would have spoken for 23–25 seconds, and now if you are short of content, go for the next template. It will help you cover the remaining 15–17 seconds.

  6. Sixth Sentence - Overall, the lecture was very informative as we got detailed insights about the It offers vital knowledge on the subject, is strongly backed by significant facts and figures, and will have a substantial impact on the (main topic)

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