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Course Outline

​This is not a " student doing a project " project.  What you are going to design here will be  prototyped or manufactured with laser cutting process (provided you  put the required effort).   Student must follow and keep below guidelines in mind

  • All tasks should be completed within 24 hours.. If you have any time issue please discuss it with us before enroling for the workshop. Ping us on whatsapp +91 7889565477

  • Students must choose a product  from the selected list only. We want it to be SIMPLE and INNOVATIVE. This is just to make sure that you are able to design a new product  in 1 week time.

  • We will discuss only about laser cutting process and  the same will be used for making final prototypes also.

  • No other manufacturing process will be discussed as it is difficult to cover all the topics in one week time. For example  injection mold process requires CAD skills, knowledge of design considerations, materials knowledge, etc. It is just not possible to learn and well as to teach  in such short time.

  • It is a group training but feedback  on your work is One-to-One. 

  • We are only charging you for teaching part not for any prototyping or laser cutting service.  Student must pay for the prototype. We will put you in contact or guide you how to deal with laser cut service providers.

  • Pre- requisites / Requirements to participate in this workshop are good internet speed (for watching class videos) and basic knowledge of  any CAD Software.

  •  Workshop Start Date: 12th November 2018

  • Duration : 7 Days. 

  • Workshop Fee: Rs 1200 (Your Saving Rs 1800, Original Proce: Rs 3000). Offer valid till 7th November 2018



How classes will be conducted?

  •  Once you pay the fee, we will enrol you for the workshop and share different product ideas with you. You must choose one of them.
  • We will record and upload the class on our online school platform. 
  • You must watch the class and work on the assignment / activity within 24 hours.
  • We will provide you the feedback on your work. If required, we will suggest what changes are required in your design to make it manufacturable with laser cutting process.You can watch the class anytime but to get the feedback you must do the activity within 24 hours. (If you have any time issue, please discuss it with us before enroling  for the workshop.



Who can Join?

  •  Mechanical Engineers

  • Product Designers
  • Industrial Designer

  • Anyone who is having innovative idea and want to learn how to make it real.


How to Register?

Step 1 :  Click on the below link and select NEFT / Bank transfer and make the payment. No extra charges / deduction. 

( If you Pay through credit Card / Net banking / Debit Card, then Rs 31.86 extra wil be deducted as convenience charge)

Click here to register


If you want to pay through paytm, then please ping us on whatsapp +91 7889565477. No extra charges on paytm payments

Step 2 : Wait for us to enrol you in the course. This is usually done within 2 hours

7 Days Online Design Workshop

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    • You are not allowed to

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