• Amardeep Singh

How to Start Online Tutoring Busine

Updated: Mar 2, 2018

Conduct One-to-One, Group and Recorded Classes on E-Learning Platforms

The first step in the tutoring business is to decide what you want to teach. If you plan to teach something on power point, then the approach is different but if you want to teach something for which you need to take access of students desktop to correct him or to show him how to do it. Then the approach is different.

Skype and Hangouts are best when you dont need student's desktop access. Call you students through hangouts/skype and share your screen and you are done.

But Lets say if you want to teach software. So for that Skype / Hangouts again an work. You can share your screen. Teach him how to command is going to work but when student is practicing, then you will need access. In that case, you need to go for remote desktop software. You need to remotely access the system and clear whatever doubts are there in student's mind.

There are many softwares available for remotely accessing systems such as

1. Team Viewer

2. GotoMeeting

3. Slack

4. Anydesk

5. Zoom

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