Over the years I have seen students not able to get break in design industry even after learning CAD softwares or sometimes students are not able to switch to design domain from production or quality so in this course I am going to share my training experience and give you suggestions on getting job as mechanical designer or product designer. 
Although the course is designed keeping in mind the Indian Students but students from other countries can also join and get benefit.

We have divided the course into 2 parts 

Part 1-  Overview of Product Design Process
In the first part I will discuss about Product Design and Design Steps. While explaining you the design steps and even examples shown in the  class lessons are from laser cut point of view. Why I am teaching in that way? Watch the Introduction Video.

Part 2-  How to get job as Mechanical or Product Designer

For getting job you need to have experience and for experience you need job, kind of egg first or chicken first?

Well here I come into picture. I will advise you on how to get experience without working in industry. What are things you must do  to get design job.

First we will discuss about " Job Requirements" where you will idea about Industrial requirements. Then we will move on to "CAD Software". We have seen most students do not practice in the right way so we are suggestion few things such as how to practice, which software to learn ,etc. In the third section, we will discuss about "Experience". What you need to do to get experience? Then we will jump on to "Portfolio".You want to be designer,prepare portfolio. Few tips are there. Very useful. Many have said that. Just watch it and finally "Strategy". Here again suggestions. What you should do when you are fresher or when you are experienced in  other domain such as manufacturing or production.

Who Can Join?
  • All Mechanical Engineering / Product Design / Industrial Design students can join (B.E / B.Tech / M.E / M.Tech / Diploma)

  • All those who are either fresher (2018 pass out) or not  getting job (passed out in 2017 and earlier)

  • Professions who are working in other domains such as manufacturing, production, quality, etc

Course Outline

Course Fee: Rs 500/- only

Duration: 4 Hrs + One-to-One Guidance

Mode: Online

Demo Classes

Lecture 1 - Why Laser Cutting?

Lecture 4 - Skills Required for Product Designing

Lecture 8 - How to get Experience?

How to Join?

Step 1: Pay the Fee

Step 2: We will  send you the class link 

That's all. Watch all classes and then interact with us on whatsapp to clear your doubts.

If you want to ask us anything regarding this course,feel free to reach us on whatsapp 7889565477

Terms and Conditions
  • No Fee refund

  • For one-to-one counseling session, you have to  message us on whatsapp. We will fix the time and then have disussion

  • You are not allowed to

    • Use Videos and Training Material  for commercial purposes.​

    • Include Videos and Training Material in any online or offline archive, database, website, presentation template, application or as part of your project.

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