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Product Design - VIP Course

 First-of-its-kind training where  students first learn design and other skills and then get involve in the development process.  Course includes training on Ergonomics, Anthropometrics, DFMA, Materials, Manufacturing process and Design process. 


Free Mechanical Design Training

Don't know what to do after graduation? Working as quality engineer / manufacturing engineer? Not getting calls for Design?

Then Join our FREE Course "How to get employed as Mechanical designer / Product Designer".

Learn what is required to become designer. What are the skills required? How to remove fresher tag? Click here for more details


Injection Molding Process

This course will teach you the Injection Molding process. Although bascis such as applications, advantages & disadvantages, materials are taught but main focus is on industrial process, cad considerations and defects click here for more details

One-to-One Online Training

Forging Process 

This online course gives you an overview of the industrial forging process. How the process is done in industry and what are the considerations you need to keep in mind while doing the die design. 

Laser Cutting.jpg

Laser Cutting Process

In this course you will learn how to make  use of laser cutting process for prototyping for manufacturing our products. What are materials we can and cannot use? What are the CAD considerations a designer must  keep in his mind  while making the CAD model?  How to make use of joints to assemble product?

 click here for more details


Product Design and Development

This course gives  the overview of product design, skills required to be a designer and how to take an idea from concept to market stage. What are the steps involved in the development of the product?  We will also brief you about job market? What you should learn or what you should do to get job in industry? How you can prepare a simple portfolio? click here for more details

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