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Materials and Manufacturing Guide

How are products manufactured?

How to decide a manufacturing process while designing a product?

Whether to go for Injection Mold or 3d Printing? Whether to go for Forging or Casting? Whether to go for Laser Cutting or CNC Cutting? What are the considerations to be kept in mind when designing a product for injection mold or sheet metal or laser cutting? 

Do you know how to make Manufacturable CAD Model? What are the common defects a product can develop after manufacturing? What material can be used? What are the CAD considerations to be kept in mind while making the CAD model?

This course will answer all your questions?

Here is in this course you are going to learn commonly used manufacturing process used in industry. Course is divided into two sections Materials and Manufacturing Process

Section 1 : Materials

In this section we will teach commonly used materials in industry. How to select a material for a particular product? Which material is used in which manufacturing process? Overall we will be covering 40 materials in this course.

  1. Plastics

    1. Thermosets

    2. Thermoplastics

  2. Composites Materials

  3. Ferrous

  4. Ferrous Metals

  5. Wood Based Materials

Section 2 : Manufacturing Process

 In this section we will cover important manufacturing process used in industry. How to select a manufacturing process? What material to use? What are the things need to keep in mind while making a CAD model? What are the common defects? We will cover below mentioned manufacturing process

  1. Injection Molding

  2. Blow Molding

  3. Rotational Molding

  4. Compressional Molding

  5. Vacuum Forming

  6. Laser Cutting

  7. CNC Cutting

  8. Forging

  9. Sheet Metal Operations

  10. 3D Printing

Course Outline

Course Fee: Rs 3000

Course Duration: 12 Hours

Mode: Online (Recorded)

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Course Pre-requisite: Gmail account 

Who can join: Mechanical Engineers, Product designers, Industrial and anyone who has interest in learning manufacturing process

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