This course teaches you how to animate images and texts in PowerPoint with zoom, wipe, split, wheel, spin and other simple options. First you will be learning how to animate images and then texts effects are covered.

 Section 1- Animating Images

  1. Creating Pan Effect

  2. Creating  Zoom Effect

  3. Creating  Realistic Walk Effect

  4. Creating a moving a Car Effect

  5. Grow / Shrink Images

  6. Split Effect

  7. Wipe Effect

  8. Flipping Images

  9. Creating Parallax Effect

  10. Sharpening  and Coloring Images

  11. Bouncing Images and Objects

  12. Butterfly Effect using spin and grow/shrink

  13. Changing Focus in Images

Section 2- Animating Texts

  1. Revealing Texts 

  2. Creating a Countdown Timer

  3. Creating WhiteBoard Animation Effect

  4. Creating Timeline Effect

  5. Bouncing Texts 


Course Fee: Rs 500
Duration: 1 Hour On-demand Video

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Terms and Conditions
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