Enrol in advance Online AutoCAD Training and learn AutoCAD from the very basic level to a professional level. Training is divided into two levels. Level 1 covers 2D which will teach you how to create and modify 2d drawings. How to work with blocks and Levels? How to annotate a drawing? Level 2 is about 3D and teaches solid modeling, surface modeling and mesh modeling. You will also learn how to apply materials to objects and how to create realistic effects. You wil also learn about detailing.

At the end of this course, you will be in a position to create 2d drawings as well 3d objects and we are charging just Rs 1000 for this advance course.

Level 1 - 2D

  • Interface of AutoCAD

  • Basic Geometry Creation

  • Drafting Settings in AutoCAD

  • Snapping to Coordinates

  • Drawing Fundamentals for AutoCAD

  • How to use specialize drawing commands of AutoCAD?

  • AutoCAD Object Properties

  • How to make primary modifications in AutoCAD?

  • How to create text in AutoCAD?

  • AutoCAD’s Orienting

  • Utility and Inquiry Tools

  • Layers & Layouts of AutoCAD

  • Managing Blocks & References in AutoCAD

  • Annotations & Annotative Objects

  • Designing and Storing Attribute Information

  • Extracting Linking and Presenting Information in Tables

  • External References

  • How to Add Callouts in AutoCAD?

  • Checking Your Skills

  • How to link to different drawings?

  • Organizing Pictures

  • Printing & Plotting Drawings

  • Properly Size Annotations on Printed Drawings

  • How to share information with others?

Level 2 - 3D

  • Basic Overview to 3D

  • Isometric Views

  • Thickness & Elevation in AutoCAD

  • What is 3D Views & Orbit?

  • How to change View Ports in AutoCAD?

  • Visual Designs in AutoCAD

  • Solid Primitives

  • 3D Basics & 3D Operation

  • How to modify solid editing?

  • How to create 3D Object in AutoCAD?

  • How to modifying 3D Mesh Objects?

  • Working with Surface Objects

  • Modifying 3D Objects in AutoCAD

  • Material & Mapping

  • Lights & Camera in AutoCAD

  • Motion Path Animation

  • How to do Rendering?

  • Export & Import 3D Drawing

Course Outline
  • Duration : 80 Hrs

  • Mode : Live

  • Demo: 4 Demo classes.

  • Course Fee: Rs 6000/-

  • You should have working AutoCAD on your system. We will take access of your system to teach you. 

  • There is no fee refund once you have enrolled.

How to register?

Step 1 :  Attend free classes in the start and then decide whether to enrol or not.
Step 2 : Let us know once after the demo classes, we will send you the payment details.

To schedule free / demo classes, Ping us on whatsapp +91 7889565477