7 Bands Writing Course

In this course you will learn how to write 7 Bands Essay as well as Letters or Graphs. You can take 5 demo classes and then decide whether to enrol or not.  Course includes 15 teaching sessions as well 15 feedback sessions ( essay and letter / graph).


Course Details

  1. Mode: Online  - Live
    We conduct  online live classes. Classes are very interactive as we share our screen during the class. Whatever we write on our board , you would be able to see.

  2. Class Strength: One-to-One.
    We always  conduct one to one training. This is best for those students who feel shy or awkward in having discussions in large groups 

  3. Course Fee: Rs 5000/-
    You can take 5 demo classes in the start and then decide whether to enrol or not

  4. Course Duration: 30 days 
    Class would be for 1 hour everyday. 

How to start Course?

Step 1- Take 5 free classes in the  start

We offer 5 free classes in the start. After 5 classes you need to let us know date and time whether you to continue or not. If you say No, we will call it off. If yes, then you need to make the payment

Step 2: Pay Fee  (Rs 5000/-)

​​Click here to pay

(₹180 extra would be deducted as website convenience charges. To avoid those you can pay us through below modes also)

(For overseas students, charges are different. Please ping us on whatsapp +91 7889565477 for more details)

For PhonePe/ GPay / Paytm or NEFT : Message us on whatsapp +91 7889565477. We will send you the details

 Step 3: Resume your Classes

 We will continue your course. It will be the continuation of demo / free classes. We will teach you all the essay types as well as letters or graphs. Once teaching sessions are over, We will send you essay and a letter/graph. You need to write it on paper or word. We will provide you feedback in the live class.

Should you have any query, feel free to ping us on whatsapp +91 7889565477